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GARDEN UPDATE  6/16/2011

We really needed the rain but I want more.  I was quite surprised when I read the rain gauge this morning.  I didn’t think the hour long storm dropped that much water.  It is nice to drive on the dirt roads and not leave a lingering trail of dust and the forest is clean and green.


Yesterday, I hand watered everything and then applied a topical Miracle Grow spray to most of the plants.  I also planted a “giant” cantaloupe where the spring greens were growing.  I want to plant a row of okra on the east side of the beds to provide shade for the cantaloupe.  I did some weeding, harvested a daily pick and rested in the shade.  The melons need to be pinched back again as they are over-reaching the edge of the bed.  We have 5 inch melons already.  I noticed that the blackberries and boysenberries both need to have new canes tied to the structure.  They are doing well.  Davis, will you or Kathy plant additional okra at the Kentucky Wonder bed.  I noticed that there were some areas in the okra planting that had not come up.  I think it is a function of lack of water so you may want to hand water there you plant to insure they get wet.  The drip hose does not get the water out that far.

I will go to Columbia tomorrow evening and then to Cary, NC to visit my sister for a week.  I will return on Thursday.  Please decide who is responsible for keeping the garden wet so that it does not dry out. No additional rain is expected while I am away.  Weeding is still a priority as the joint grass ( crabgrass) is merciless and will grow so big that it will shade out everything and is impossible to hand pull.   Watch the yellow squash for the bore and the tomatoes for the hawk moth caterpillars.

Don’t forget to harvest.  I had to over harvest yesterday because things were spoiling and needed to be removed.  Watch the tomatoes and peppers as well as the short cucumbers.  (note: the cherry tomatoes are being neglected and the birds are have a field day).

I am having trouble locating seed for Zacchetta rampicante. If you know where to find it, let me know.


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