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—–Original Message—– From: Kristine Cox
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Subject: Re Blog resend

Hi.  I just wanted to pass on a comment on the blog.  If nobody else complains, ignore this.  The pix are beautiful–really gorgeous– and I love what you are writing, but I find it very hard to read with the tiny font against the dark-fence background.  I don’t know if it would be too much to ask John to change this, but I thought I should toss it out because I don’t think it will attract readers when it is this difficult to decipher. Anyhow, I love, love, love the pictures and also your comments — when I can take the time to decipher them.  Great job!  Kris
P.S. Your post yesterday was a perfect example.  The bottom was so dark the words were illegible.  Can you read it?  I would assume it is my eyes that are going bad, but I can certainly read everything else — books, magazines, emails, etc.

I looked at the website with IE, Firefox (my favorite browser), and Google Chrome. I did not see the problem that Chris describes with any of them. The words on the sidebar are on a white background, not the fence. I did not see anything dark at the bottom of the posts. I am putting Chris’s comment here in case others are experiencing  problems.

I would like to change the theme to one with two sidebars. CLICK HERE to see what I mean. This gives more room for widgets in the sidebar and the image changes each time the blog is refreshed. I will make the chage if Gordon could take about 8 garden pictures that I can use in the header.

Some may not know that if the font is too small you can hold down the control key and press +, the browser will zoom in with each press. Control – zooms out.

Chris, if your browser is very old you may need to update.

John Ward –

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Yes I do have a mac and entering the garden site by directly typing it in works perfectly — the printing is larger with a white (not brown fence) background. The pix as well as the text are against white; the printing is larger and the entire blog is very east to read. I don’t quite understand because I never have had this trouble — ever–in reading emails, blogs or websites. Thanks, Gordon, and THANK YOU TOO, JOHN. Best to you both. Kris

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