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The wonderful sounds of our garden were enhanced yesterday by the lovely voice of singer/songwriter/poet Rebecca Folsom ( .  Rebecca is Davis and Kathy’s sister-in-law and was in town (from Colorado) to visit and preform locally.  After her performance, she told me that she had heard of our garden and wanted to come by and see it as well as play a few songs.  I was delighted and encouraged her to visit.  At 12:30 yesterday, she and Kathy arrived in the 94 degree heat and made our day.  I wish everyone of you could have been there as she brought the beauty of her voice and talent to share with us.   Her visit was far too short and we have invited her to schedule a return trip next spring to attend our 2nd Annual Wisteria Bloom Soirée where I hope many of you will attend.  More on this later.

The memory of her voice was still in the garden when I harvested two baskets of produce this evening.  It is such a delight to pick fresh squash, sugar peas,, cucumbers, spinach, onions and peppers as part of an evening meal.  The big news is that the tomatoes are getting large and will soon be red.  These are the golden nuggets (or should I say ruby nuggets) of a garden.  All else can fail but it the tomatoes are good, it is a good garden.

I was able to hand water tonight as the heat is requiring that water be applied every day.  The weeds are under control but we need to stay on them.  As for the vegetables, they continue to jump into the air.  Still need to work on the Kentucky Wonders vs. deer structure and plant new vegetables where a crop has finished.  I thought the broccoli was done and had suggested that we rotate another crop into the space but have watched them continue to put up new tender florets.  I have a new appreciation for broccoli.

I checked the bees today and they have completed three comb and are working on a fourth.  I love the observation window I built into the side of the hive as it means I can check on them without opening the hive.  They look very “happy” in their new home and are obviously working hard.

Chickens are doing what chickens do but it was interesting to note that they moved to the other side of their run when Rebecca was singing.  Just don’t have very classy chickens.

I’m going to try to add a short video stream of yesterday’s performance.  If I am successful, I know you will enjoy.

I failed.  There is a 10mb limit for a Word Press media upload and this stream is 300mb.  I will try to figure out how I can do it.






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I took a listen to her tracks posted on her website – fantastic stuff. Too bad she didn’t visit over the past weekend when we were there. Her music is definitely my cup of tea. Loved it. Hope she can make it back for the Wist soiree – and that we can too!

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