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tomatoes on window sill

Big tomatoes 6+ inches

BIG HEIRLOOM TOMATOES are coming in faster than we can pick them.  The birds are having a field day as many are found with the interior removed.  It is a tough problem to have following a year where not much success was achieved.  Everyone should be picking every day.

I harvested all but 4 of the spring cabbage because the slugs were getting to them.  I would suggest that anyone who wants the remaining heads to collect them today.  Small cucumbers are finishing.  All pole bean plantings have been disappointing.  I am going to think about it and replant using the 2011 seeds (Kentucky Wonders).  Our KW bed out by the outer fence is at about 40% and that is with a drip hose.  The okra at the same location is not doing any better.  It is interesting to note that the Zenia are doing well here.

I have  planted okra inside the small garden to the south of the new cantaloupes and Winter squash (which I also just planted).  I planted additional summer squash as a rotation crop.  A new row of the Mira corn is in and I will purchase some silver queen and plant it today to fill out the corn field.  The third planting of Mira corn is showing pollen but no silk but the plants look very vigorous.    I have planted a seed bed of collard seeds to get sets for later this summer.  The long cucumbers that did so well last  year are a loss this year.  We will be rotating the old yellow squash bed in a couple weeks and we should plow the cucumbers in as well.  It will be a good space to plant a new crop.  There are a few potato plants still to be dug.  The three types of Basel are doing well scattered throughout the garden.  We need to start picking some.  The dill, spearmint and  fennel are also doing well and need harvesting.  Daylilies are done – hope everyone got to sample these tasty flowers.  Our melon bed continues to grow despite the first variety turning yellow.  Chris took one of the melons from this patch to test it but reported that it was not quiet ready.  The rest are green and doing well except I still don’t see any cantaloup fruit  – lots of blooms though.  Berries continue to grow and need tying.  We need to hand weed the asparagus bed as that is the only way to keep it clear of the weeds that are now getting a good foothold.  I will be clearing the pathways this week.  Have you noticed how well the fig cuttings are doing?  I hate to transplant them as we lost 30 last year to the drought.  I may leave them till fall and fight the roots then.  At least they will not dry out.  For those that don’t know the plan, we are going to plant a low hedge of figs to facilitate harvesting and placing nets over the crop to protect it from the birds.  It is an experiment and will require heavy pruning but should be a great way to grow a crop of figs.  Our large Brown Turkey figs are loaded with fruit and should be ready in a couple weeks.  The birds will discover it before we get to it.  WHERE DID ALL THE PEARS GO?  Did the squirrels get them all.  It is hard to believe that tree which had a load of several hundred fruit is now bear.

I gave the garden another topical Miracle Grow watering.

I have measured the new area where we plan to expand the garden next year.  It will support 5 – 30′ x 2′ raised beds.  That’s 150 linear feet of new garden space.  I plan to build the beds of 1 x 8 planks held together at the ends of each 10 foot length by a 4 x 4 cross beam.  It should be a very sturdy bed (filled by your friends Davis and Gordon with good compost).  I will leave enough space between the beds to run the riding mower between them to maintain the weeds/grass.

Don’t let the heat get the best of you.  Morning before 10:00 are very pleasant.  We need to weed and harvest.




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