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I picked two quarts today from the lower branches outside of the fence where the deer have eaten all the leaves off the tree but left the figs.  A few more were eaten by the birds so it is important that we get serious about harvesting.  I will leave these on the kitchen counter and in two days they will be true Brown Turkeys.  They are quite sweet and tasty now as Glenda will attest. 


Thanks Peggy for adding your tomato comment  (click above comment tab to read it).  If you look on the wood side of the tomato bed you will find the small white tags that tell what variety was planted in the area.  I agree that we should keep a record of what did well here.  I think all the heirlooms did well.  I tried to lay a couple vines down and heal the stems into the soil to get a re-root.  It was messy and I question if it will work but we will see.  Your suggestion to cut back the rest and use a bloom set spray is worth a try.  I want to purchase a couple late varieties and see if they will grow with our short day conditions.  There are still a few small green tomatoes on the hybrid plants that can be taken and served as fried green tomatoes.  They seem to be going bad on the vine if left to ripen.


I hand watered the garden today as I wanted to ensure that all the new seedlings got drenched.  The pathway crabgrass is showing the effects of the herbicide.  We need to weed more in the beds before it gets away from us.  Bell Peppers may be turning a wonderful ripe yellow.  Check them out Peggy.   We may want to check out the yellow colored watermelons as they may be ripe now.  Also might want to take one of the dark green ones to check.  I think it is time to add fertilizer (10-10-10 ) to the beds that have been replanted.  Is anyone harvesting the spinach anymore?  It looks like it needs to be cut back to a foot height and started over again.  I still have a half dozen new plants rooted in my kitchen.  We can take the cuttings and root them also for a big crop next year as they are perennials and should over winter if mulched.  Fig rootings look very strong and should make great transplants this fall.

I was thinking that as some of our beds come out of production that we should take advantage of the summer heat and sterilize the soil under a cover of plastic.  This will take care of the nematodes, virus spores, squash bores, and anything else under there that will harm our plants next year.  All we need is a couple layers of clear plastic the size of the bed.  When Davis gets back at the end of the month, we need to start on building the new beds to the south of the garden.  I think we can get five 30 x 2 foot beds there.  That will be a great place to rotate our tomatoes into.

Let me remind everyone that I will be gone from July 7 until the space shuttle launches (hope to be back on the 10th) so garden care and watering needs to be done by those remaining here.  You may find that a few of the chickens get out each day.  Cam and I tried to patch the areas where we thought they were escaping but today I had four outside the coop.  That is an improvement from the 15+ that have been getting out but still not acceptable.  We will keep investigating and solve the problem.    Just a reminder that there are at least a dozen eggs daily that need to be collected by anyone who needs them.  I have several dozen in the refrigerator and am getting tired of deviled  egg dinners.

I have ordered the Italian Squash seeds (Tromboncino) as well as a squash that can be grown under a cover cloth as it requires no pollination (Cavili) as well as a late Pac Chio, sunburst squash and Dominator Brussels Sprouts.  I think the Tromboncino is similar to the Zacchetta rampicante.  Looks the same in the photos.


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I stopped by the garden about 11:15 AM and picked about 25 partially ripe figs and ate 3 that were ripe. There were others, out of reach, that require a ladder.
I went to the garden to see if anything was available. I noticed the gate was not closed, the electric wires were down and the fence unplugged. I did not see much in the garden so I closed the gate and restored the fence to operation.

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